We make leveraging patent rights easy with our uncomplicated patent advisory, clearance, filing and dispute resolution services. Across a range of industries, we help our clients secure patent rights and then commercialize and exploit them in line with business goals. We recognize that accurate translation of claims is vital for applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and have an appropriately qualified team to accommodate this.

Indonesia’s Patent Office grants registration of simple patents for inventions that are novel and are industrially applicable, and ordinary patents for inventions that are novel, inventive and are industrially applicable.  A significant component of the Patent Office’s workload is the processing of applications filed under the Patent Co-Operation Treaty system.
Accurate translation is of vital importance.  It is notoriously difficult to accurately describe claims in Bahasa Indonesia owing to the simplicity of the language.  Our translations are drafted jointly by a native Indonesian speaker and native English speaker to ensure high quality output.  We are able to involve chemical, mechanical, electrical and biotechnology experts where necessary.
The term of protection for simple patents is 10 years, and for ordinary patents 20 years.  Neither are renewable.
Substantive examination of an ordinary patent can be requested after the six-month publication period has expired, and up to 36 months from filing, or 36 months from international filing date for PCT applications.  It is not necessary to request examination of simple patents – the Patent Office will do so as part of its standard procedures.
First annuity payments become due one year after grant.
Documents required to support each application are:
  1. Power of Attorney (simply signed, no notarisation or legalisation necessary).
  2. Declaration of Ownership (simply signed, no notarisation or legalisation necessary).
  3. Assignment agremeent for invention (if relevant).
  4. Certified copy of priority document (if relevant, to be submitted within 16 months of the priority date, translation required for documents in languages other than English).
  5. Application form (prepared by SKC Law) including description, abstract, claims and drawings.
For PCT applications, the following are also required:
  1. Copy of the international application including description, claims and drawings (for PCT applications)
  2. Copy of international search report
  3. Copy of international examination report
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